I sat alongside Rapunzel as she draped her gorgeous hair down the side of a tower. I shared a box car with other children. I've zoomed to faraway planets and lived as an alligator, a wise wizard, a fairy godmother, and a private eye. Books have always been my portal to adventures.

​My career journey has taken me from a teacher to a principal, to a college instructor, and into retirement as a writer. With 38 exciting years in education, I've gathered many ideas for creating children's manuscripts. I look forward to sharing them with my readers.

My dream is to hear a child say, "Read it again!" and know they're pleading for one of my books.

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The soul of T. J. Casey was shaped in him by his mama and daddy, by his childhood in Montana’s beautiful, harsh and remote Pryor Mountains, and by close association with horses and cattle before he can even remember. Living primitively (by today’s standards), with no electricity, telephone or indoor plumbing taught him how unimportant money and possessions really are in life.

“You are guaranteed to enjoy TJ Casey... Westerners will identify with his vivid tales, wisdom and gut-busting humor. Non-Westerners will be transported into a reality they couldn’t imagine, one that'll change'em at the deepest level, and leave’em longing for more.”   Rhonda Sedgwick Stearns, former Academy of Western Artists Cowgirl Poet of the Year

Webster defines soul as “...credited with the functions of thinking and willing, and hence determining all behavior”.  He also calls the soul “the moral or emotional nature of man.”  That deep part of T. J. Casey is pure cowboy – and it clearly determines his behavior.  

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Owner/ Mountain Guide at Alpine Expeditions and currently on an expedition to the highest point on the earth.

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Band Leader at The Ricardo Pena Band

Former Musician at Blues

Former Expert Consultant at HISTORY

Former Expedition Leader at National Geographic

Studied Piano Performance at University at Buffalo