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Moving to the Nashville area?
​Meet Tammy Gore,
 our official REM Realtor!!!

Please visit Tammy's website
Click Here
for information of real estate and all the details of new houses for sale.

Lake Real Estate
515 Rivergate Pkwy, Ste 101
Goodlettsville TN 37072

Our honorary member Cole who is performing as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in the famous musical Million Dollar Quartet.  From the looks of things, I would say he is having a ball.
Here he is with Vince Neil on the left, Cole in the middle and Nicolas Cage on the right.

To book your tickets to see the show
 or more information, click here.
Adam Wayne is traveling the country on a radio tour and his songs just
keep getting sizzling hot.

Check him out and try to make one of his shows as he travels to your town.  He'll be in Nashville soon cutting yet more great tunes.

You can find him on Facebook or listen to his music here.
Honorary member Rick Lance and his master voice!!!
Greg Finch           Milliea McKinney      Conscious Music 
Greg Finch is a solo artist,
 he plays the guitar,
the bass guitar,
 and is learning the harmonica. 

Greg's message is simple
 Let God Be God", 
because it is all about
 Jesus Christ.

Redstarr Entertainment Magazine
is proud to have Greg in our creative family.

Johnnie Branham On Road Tour
Johnnie Branham sent us an update on the tour. 
 August 6th he will be in Glen Rio, 
New Mexico if you're in the area.
Then on to Texas and Branson, the Truckers Festival.

 Johnnie is working on a new band to put a 
new show together for the tour, if you are interested.

To find out more on the dates of the tour

P.J. Steelman and Tanya Tucker
P. J. Steelman 
is a locomotive with songwriting.

One heck of a nice guy and making friends all over the planet.  

 Check out his new CD's and learn more about P.J.