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Marty Pollio amassed credits that include multiple appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, (even one of Johnny’s New Year’s Eve Specials!), as well as being on the show with Jay Leno.
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Bill Frizzell
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John Cotton
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Tayler Lynch
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Timmy McDonald
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Gerry Peters!!!!
You can check him, his companies
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S. J. Hardin is looking to
turn Wings And Daggers
into an ongoing movie series.  The saga of
one spiritual evolution.

"We have so much on our TV content that is violent or sexually oriented. 

Believing that you are what you eat.  Same goes with you are what you watch.

There is loads of crazy mistakes in this book in hopes that it touches someone and somehow we can all stop the ugly cicle."

The REM roster is evolving and opening doors every single day.   The way to succeed is to get involved and follow up.  Please visit our members and thier sites.
Jack Johnson!!!!  
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Indie Music Impact
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Sandy Hardin
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Mark Conover and Adam Wayne's performance in Louisville, Kentucky was a killer, as their music is climbing the charts.

Mark Conover is in the top 100 and Adam Wayne is on a full on radio tour with his great music.
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Mary Matteson will be taking the title of Director of Marketing for Redstarr Entertainment Magazine, LLC.

She has big history in marketing and as we find out, is very talented as well.

We are working on a new website and will be releasing the site soon.

Mary is from Illinois, however travels to Nashville and many other music hubs.  She will also be looking for new talent in her new position here at REM.

We are very happy to have Mary and her skills to help make
REM bigger and better than ever.

We also will be working to put some new shows together for the REM members in a variety of locations to make our members shine in a whole new way.

Tennesse Larue is the X-Guitarist for the late and great Buck Owens.

He is releasing his first Gospel CD on Sonic Design Studio Label.  The CD is entitled "Songs From My Father".

Tennessee Larue is known for his buttery voice and has been in the music industry since 1960.

With great lyrics, flawless lead vocals led Tennessee Larue to playing for major country artists.  He was inducted into the Honor Society this year in the categories of Performing Arts and Music.  He is also listed in the Cambridge "Who's Who".

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Here we have Cole on the left and Stan Perkins on the right.  Getting down in Rockabilly Town, Jackson, TN.   It's amazing that Cole is now playing Elvis and Johnny Cash in the world famous Million Dollar Quartet and still has time to play with his roots at The International Rockabilly Fest.
Hear some great music from
             P.J. Steelman!!!