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 Antonio Lillian!!!

Antonio is an actor, composer, singer, songwriter from New Orleans, LA.
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 Our honorary member Cole who is performing as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in the famous musical Million Dollar Quartet.  From the looks of things, I would say he is having a ball.
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Adam Wayne is traveling the country on a radio tour and his songs just
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Honorary member Rick Lance and his master voice!!!
Winning awards
 with their very cool traditional country music!!!



Take My Heart Along 

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"Don't Be Angry"
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Back Again To Stay - Take My Heart Along - Old Fashioned Love - I'll Still Be Loving You - Makin' Music All Night Long - I'll Take The Teardrops From Your Eyes - Timeless and True Love - Played One Time Too Many - If You'd Like Some Lovin' - Love's Cheating Line - You're Running Wild 

 It's always a little bit of a 'tremor' when I listen to country music today, never sure what I'm going to hear, but I never fail to be impressed by the 'originality' I hear sometimes. Don Joy has a farm down in Missouri, and is probably the last person you might expect to write 'love' songs, but indeed, that is exactly what he does. As the CD progresses, after starting out with some nice western swing on the first song, the backing musicians also recognize these originals as exactly that, and they too, hear the 'love' song in them. Not sure how long Don and Melanie have been singing, my only 'suggestion' in this fine work is for Melanie to 'soften' her voice just a little, and listen closely to what Don is singing so that she stays right next to him vocally. This whole CD is chock full of terrific classic and traditional country music, very unlike what is happening in Nashville these days. The musicians are A-one, super good, and feel the music just as they should. Recorded at Electric Arts Recording Studio in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, Don found some music makers that really 'understand' his music. We don't know who the music makers are, but they are good throughout, and cheers to the engineer who did the final mix, right on where it should be. Don's music, I believe, is from his heart, and he writes from experience as well. It's amazing how Don can write about love, winning love, losing love, and searching for love, and finding it as well. Super neat listening experience here. Five of the twelve songs on this CD were written by Don and Melanie. Add to that some excellent other originals by other writers I've not had the opportunity to hear, makes for a very nice listening experience. This delightful couple are heading for their debut performance on "Midwest Country" an RFD-TV television show emanating from Sandstone, Minnesota, that still maintains the excellence of 'real' classic and traditional country music. It will be fun to see them performing together on this show which is quite well produced. My favorite spot on this recording is in "Timeless and True Love" where the steel player turns to the Dobro to add that very special down-home authentic 'realness' to what country music is all about. The fiddle too makes this song special. My favorite on this CD without a doubt. Off this fine selection of traditional and classic country tunes goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission. Who knows what they will do, but I'm sure they will do something.