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Marty Pollio amassed credits that include multiple appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, (even one of Johnny’s New Year’s Eve Specials!), as well as being on the show with Jay Leno.
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Back Alley Omaha's goal is to have the CD available by this fall, with everything copyrighted, and ready for roll out to the public.

Back Alley Omaha is also booking up for the summer, and really looking forward to some great outdoor shows this year! Giving back to the community, the boys are going to be playing for a fundraiser to help purchase Christmas presents for children with parents in prison. Along with several shows at some of the finest wineries in Nebraska, it’s going to be a great summer for Back Alley!

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Bill Frizzell
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Johnnie Branham
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Don Joy
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Tayler Lynch is a powerhouse entertainer and now has a powerhouse band to boot.

Introducing Tayler Lynch & Six Miles South!
Tayler Lynch - Lead Vocals, guitar
Christopher Roberts - Lead guitar, vocals

Ronnie Craigmile - Rhythm guitar
Glenn Overstreet - Bass, vocals

Chad Heightchew - Drums
Tayler Lynch

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Timmy McDonald
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Irene Goodnight's talents are many, including songwriting, performing, and creating constantly.

  You never know who you will meet that could change your life or be a blessing in your career. 

Irene had the pleasure of being a part of the Classic Forrest Gump movie and sang on the soundtrack.  
Now days you can find Irene running her new venture
Beauforts Lands End Tours.
1152 Sea Island Parkway
on St. Helena Island
(Hwy 21 going to Hunting and Fripp Island.
Phone 615-243-4684
Enjoying her life and helping others to enjoy theirs by taking people kayaking, sailing, fishing, boating, sking and surf lessons.
The water seems to bring out the creativity as well as cleanses your mind and soul.
Back Alley Omaha has been pretty busy working on some pretty rockin’ bluesy original tunes these days. They have two of them recorded, and they are in final mix stage, and four more are just about ready for scratch tracks.
Tennessee Larue & his Buddy, Adam Gray Beal — with Adam Graybeal in Bristol, TN.  This talent is making a New Gospel Cd and is rockin his music into many doors.  Tennessee Larue is on tour and his first Stop of 2014 Tour is Johnson city Tennessee @ The Factory May 2 nd Doors open @ 8:00pm
Mark Conover
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Besides being a great songwriter, our
Adam Wayne
is a great Dad as well.   Baby boom would be an understatement here.  Check out his tunes here.
"When The Evening Falls", the brand new release from Blue Cypress Recording Artist,
PJ Steelman, will hit the market on Tuesday April 22nd.   The new album, the eighth for PJ, is loaded with one great song after another.   PJ wrote or co wrote each of the 14 songs on his latest project.  He had the opportunity to work with some
of the best writers in the industry, including Melanie Wright, Clark Bailey, Starr Belle, Deb Ziems, Ramona Kampe and Theresa Halfacre.  When The Evening Falls is the follow up to the Grammy nominated, This Point In Time.  The new album will be available at Amazon, itunes, cdbaby and and other locations where fine music is sold.   That release date is Tuesday, April 22, 2014.  For more on PJ click here.

Bill Frizzell now has a management team Synchronicity PRLLC. 
Johnnie now has a management team Synchronicity PRLLC.
John has signed a 4 year distribution contract with Heart Songs for Veterans and Blingnot Media LLC. John wants to thank Heart Songs and Blingnot for this opportunity to distribute Mild Mannered Man world wide.  Heart Song for Veterans  will receive 45% of of all proceeds. John says, " It gives me great pleasure to contribute and be a part to help the Veterans.  I wrote the song in 1968 while serving in Vietnam myself."