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 Johnnie Branham reports in 
with news of growth for his journey!!!

Johnnie was asked to sign a record deal with Fifth Wheel Records after a few songs from the American Dream album had been reviewed from a couple of great guys.   Owner, Tom Lang and manager, Johnny Horton Jr.   Tom and I talked about the contract and the music, and I was very pleased with what they had to offer in the contract.  I think it is what I been looking for in a recording deal, so I signed a 2 year contract and will be recording 2 new albums in the two year period and they will be setting up the tours, radio play and promotions.  After signing the contract I became acquainted with Manager Chris King from CK management.   Chris and I have talked before about managing me.   I have know a little about Chris over the years, just so happens that he was writing the contracts for Fifth Wheel Productions, so we had chatted about some things and I decided to sign on with him as my manager and everything with the contracts are signed and read it. So I'm looking forward to recording the new albums with some new music and to get back out in the Music industry and I am so looking forward to it.
Cole who is a longtime member of REM is on the right, on the left would be Ray Walker who was one of Elvis's Jordanaires.  Everyone needs a mentor and Cole was blessed to have Ray Walker as a mentor, brother and friend in the entertainment business.  This picture was on Ray's 80th Birthday and he is still doing great things.   

Cole continues to have success with The Million Dollar Quarter, so make your plans to go see this wonderful musical of the Sun Records history and all the awesome artists who came from Sun.

Keep up with Cole on Facebook at this link:
Linda Gail Lewis on left and Annie Marie Lewis on the right are shaking things up a bit in Australia with the wonderful Lewis family tradition of rocking the house with great balls of fire.  Keep up with the journey at this link:
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