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Webster defines “soul” as “. . . credited with the functions of thinking and willing, and hence determining all behavior”. He also calls the soul “the moral or emotional nature of man.”

  That deep part of T. J. Casey is pure cowboy – and it clearly determines his behavior.  

The soul of T. J. Casey was shaped in him by the precepts of his mama and daddy, by his childhood in Montana’s beautiful but harsh and remote Pryor Mountains, and by close association with horses and cattle before he can even remember. Living primitively (by today’s standards), with no electricity, telephone or indoor plumbing taught him just how unimportant money and possessions really are in life.

Check him out http://www.tjcasey.net/
Jimmy James  has worked in many movie roles in his career as a professional actor which include the North and South, ABC TV mini series - part 1 and 2, and was later cast again in Heaven and Hell, a Warner Brothers television mini series.
Jimmy is known on the screen for his southern charm and was discovered by Hollywood working and horseback riding with the late Superstar and friend Patrick Swayze who helped guide him into an acting career in Los Angeles and across the USA .

Thus, culminating in a role in Texas with Warner Brothers television .
Jimmy James the country star has returned home to South Carolina where he is a formidable voice to be heard in Country Music with two top 40 hits : Hot Summer Nights and Can't Lie to God , both on i-tunes and Youtube.
He is also known as an accomplished screenwriter having received an honorable mention at the Sundance Film Festival recently Jimmy is working on a new album and movie.

Follow Jimmy on Facebook, click here.
Ray Haste hails from Louisville, Kentucky and has a long history to writing and performing.

This year took a new turn for Ray, the movies.   Playing his part well in the Hallmark Movie  J L Ranch, starring Jon Voight, Melanie Griffith and James Caan.  Since then Ray has been in one movie after another including Mom And Dad starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair.

Like to hear a little tune?   https://www.reverbnation.com/rayhaste

Bill Clark, Cowboy/Singer/Composer “Life is a Mystery,” grins Bill, quoting from a song he recently wrote and recorded. Bill had just been notified that his latest CD, “The Man I Am,” had won the 2016 Country/Western CD of the Year Award from the National Traditional Country Music Association.

  So just who is this man with the quick joke and the country voice? 
Bill Clark was born in Richland, WA. When he was 2 years old, his family returned to Collbran, CO, the Plateau Valley, and the Rocky Mountains. Growing up in the Plateau Valley helped to shape the man he became; his values, his beliefs, which are the backbone of this cowboyʼs life, inspiring his hit song “Old Fashioned Makinʼs.” Days in school were long, as his heart was in the great outdoors.

Follow Bill on Facebook to learn more about his life and music.